Oligoforce Serum is a wrinkle-improving functional cosmetic that helps to maintain a beautiful and ideal skin condition by enhancing the moisturizing effect and the skin protection through the abundant nutrients of the ocean.


The most important way to manage your skin is “skin moisturization”. Oligoforce Serum is a product that enhances the skin moisturizing effect by using a marine ingredient and oligosaccharide. It is a state-of-the-art cosmetic that maximizes its functions and effects by developing and manufacturing the micro emulsion technique from a technical point of view. Hydro-lipophilic texture to form a moisture-free, non-sticky moisturizing film that keeps skin moist and soft throughout the day, as well as synergy with other products. Oligosaccharide is an ingredient with superb skin moisturizing ability, keeps elastic skin soft, is excellent in skin soothing and anti-inflammatory ability, feels good on the skin and is absorbed well into the skin.

BionCell Oligoforce Serum has improved safety and efficacy by applying components extracted from hollyhock roots and aloe extract. With this rich nutrient, we will continue to moisturize and strengthen your skin's defense and help create beautiful and ideal skin.