We are dedicated to our customers.


We make a promise to our customers. We keep our promise.

Although the cosmetics industry continues to grow, the international competitiveness of cosmetics is much less than that of other industries.
The reason is that there are many areas that do not meet the needs of customers since they do not effectively combine ET (Emotion-Tech) with BT (Bio-Tech), NT (Nano-Tech) and GT (Green-Tech), the main growth engines of the 21st century.
BionCell is striving to be a front runner in the development of the cosmetics industry and skin research.

Our Promise 1

We will do our best without ever forsaking
our conscience.

Our Promise 2

We will always think of our customers first in
our research and development.

Our Promise 3

We will devote our enthusiasm to the fostering
of human resources and to the development of
the cosmetics industry as an honest company.

Our Promise 4

We thank you for your unwavering support.

As a top cosmetics company leading the new century, we have developed products based on the concept of ‘SKIN CURE’, the concept of solving consumers‘ skin troubles, rather than the concept of ‘skin care’ which is based merely on taking care of skin with existing high functional products. We are devoted to this research with the pride of developing the best cosmetics and another skin by providing advanced raw materials stabilized under optimum conditions.

Furthermore, we are devoted to the development of new functional raw materials and products for the development of the domestic cosmetics industry and, by developing DDS cosmetics, which is a cutting-edge biotechnology, and using natural ingredients, with the goal of the safest and skin-like cosmetics we strive to provide stability and comfort to our customers‘ skin.