Make her a queen


Ladamer wishes women who live in the 21st century to be beautiful queens like Cleopatra who aggressively seek their beauty and create love and happiness. Ladamer, the dream of beautiful skin is fulfilled with products made with Natural Moisturizing Factor Facial (NMFC) for making the second skin, which will protect the beauty and vitality of the skin, a reality.

Skin Research

Cell Cosmetics

Cosmetics that begin with researching skin.

Cosmetics that first research the skin that supplies and protects cells by using ingredients that make dermis such as ceramide, collagen, hyaluronic acid and amino acid.

Skin Protection

Oriental Herb Cosmetics

Cosmetics that protect the skin.

With Acell-300, a new concept skin-calming ingredient developed using oriental herb ingredients such as gladiolus extract, horsetail extract, honey grass leaf extract, and Monnier‘s snow parsley fruit extract, they are skin protecting oriental herbal cosmetics to protect skin from harmful substances and bacteria.

High Technology

DDS Cosmetics

High technology cosmetics.

A cosmetic product that incorporates the most advanced technology that shows strong effects by penetrating deeply into the skin by encapsulating the optimal ingredients for skin.

Professional Aesthetic

Professional Cosmetics

Professional aesthetic cosmetics.

Aesthetic cosmetics for professionals through expert craftmanship experienced in living breathing cosmetics, conducting in-depth skin research and meeting with customers locally.

LADAMER's main ingredients


ACELL-300 is patented by Ladamer.
(Patent No. 10-1052092)


Antibiotic effects and convergence Reinforce skin barrier

Weakening of immunity

Reinforce vitality


Skin soothing,
Prevent skin damage and improve skin damage